‘Whatever is done or born in this moment of time has the qualities of this moment of time’

‘There are no errors in nature: man did not fall from grace!’

‘He is not a witch a charlatan or a rogue’

Boris Johnson

‘The best predictor of the future since Nostradamus’ 
George Osborne

‘War in the Middle East followed shortly after his announcement’
Gordon Brewn

‘Foresaw the advent of my alopecia and the end of my singing career’
Midge Ure

‘Prophesied the collapse of the Berlin wall long before it happened’
Dave Cameron

‘Said that I would never become related to Royalty’
Mohamed Al-Fayed

‘Shrewdly forecasted the floods of 2013′
Sir David Beckham

‘Confidently predicted that I would win a second term’
Barack Obama

‘Predicted I would never reach my ninety-third birthday’
Harold Macmillan

‘Correctly anticipated the death of Clare Hamer ‘
Roger Mitchell

‘Had a vision that England would lose its bid…’
HRH Prince William

‘Provided me with my winning lottery numbers’
Fifth Earl of Buchan

‘Accurately predicted the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull’
Silvio Berlusconi

‘Prophesied the rise of UKIP’
Nigel Farage

‘Foresaw the demise of my most dangerous rival’
Vladimir Putin

‘Was always right even when he was wrong’
Neil ‘wind-bag’ Kinnock

‘Forewarned me about THE first contact’
Brian Cox

‘Said that he would lay all the money he had on a not guilty verdict’

Kenneth Barlow

‘I predict that by the spring of 2020 there will be a severe shortage of arse wipes in most British supermarkets’

Emmanuel Macron


Clegg to join Jihadist martyrs

Hague to suffer stroke

Conflict in the Phillipines

Major rift among the European powers

Norfolk to be shook by large flying object