me new (2)

‘What became of me, when the ground trembled,

and rocked me from my lair,

into the Land where Monsters dwelt,

unto the place where wizards went,

into the hills, Moon by Moon…’



Expert in Counter Intelligence and the gathering of information:

Born near Haworth West Yorkshire.  Mother an English schoolteacher, Father unknown, or major sponsor of the Guinness Corporation and member of Sinn Fein.

Occasionally attended a reputable Catholic Grammar school.  Bluffed his way into Art college (1975).

B A (Hons)  Fine Art.

Worked as a British Rail Signalman, Art therapist, and teacher of Sign-language.  Professional arm-wrestler.

In 2007 was caught in possession of a Browning semi-automatic revolver.gun

Winner of the Koestler award for literature.
Contender for the Prix Goncourt.

Major novel (1996)

Short story writer and poet.  Political satirist.

Winner of the Welsh Open poetry competition.

Expounder of night terrors.

Scan0080Four major works of poetry:
Never let the dead Man cry (1996)
The bear who talked to Automobiles (2010)
Putting On Emily’s shoes (2011)
Burning of the Scarlet Hearts (2012)