Today in politics

Dear Mr. Mayhew,
I was very glad to see the Home Secretary stand by the Prime-Minister yesterday.
I feel it’s only a matter of time before another whistle-blower sprints to the media, with
yet another story, how eye-less gloating Starmer and his comrades were partying until the early hours during lock-down…
The worse that could be said is that he made a slight error of judgement.  There is a grey area here about what  a ‘party’ actually means.  If you look at the garden photos you can tell they are trying to minimise contact.

The Labour party were having meetings every day!

Since spurious claims of sexual assault are so lethal, in dethroning your enemy,  I am extremely surprised more women don’t come forward to gain financial rewards and acclaim.
This business over the party would have been handled quite differently, by William Hague, for example. who would probably have withered his accusers with a sharp reply and a dose of adult humour.  There again, I don’t think Hague would have been caught on the hop like this.
Unfortunately, Boris has gone on the defensive.
Another personality could have nipped this in the bud.
Having said that, his position is not unrecoverable.
I think it will be a ‘storm in a tea-cup,’ (Or, in this case, a jar of whisky) but one in which his political rivals make as much capital as they possibly can.



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