Dear Mr. Mayhew,

And as I’ve said to you, and your predecessor, on many occasions, they are not fit for purpose.

You may have seen the interview with Jeremy Paxman a few years ago…?

I thought it was only Solicitors who didn’t listen.

I don’t want to spend hours of my time writing pointless letters to people who are completely impotent.

I would not completely rule out trying them again, but I will be doubly angry if they prove me correct once more.

The police are deliberately trying to link me and where I live now, with something which was over years

ago, and which was a very one sided distortion of who I am anyway.

Just to bring you up to speed about the Vodaphone people (I do appreciate you getting involved).

How do you know what is going on if the public do not inform you or remonstrate with you….

Their complaints team did contact me but said the only way to solve the problem is for me to take

my phone into Norwich and go into one of their stores, which quite honestly, is a major enterprise,

with a sick mother at home to look after.

I have been forced to continue topping up my phone, and they have continued to keep wiping out my

credit for no earthly reason.

Yours Sincerely,

Andy Gallagher



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