Not interested

Dear Norfolk Constabulary,
I have been unable to speak to anyone on the phone.  I have tried several times.
No-one has ever responded to my e-mails in the past.
I wrote to you yesterday.
About seven months ago I was caught speeding through Roughton.
Its the bit where the speed limit suddenly changes from 40 to 30mph.
I was doing 42.  I paid my fine as soon as I knew.  I thought that was the end of it.
Now I find that the offer of a fine has been withdrawn because I didn’t send my
driving licence in.  No-one told me I had to send it in.  I don’t know where to send it,
and I am very worried about losing it in the post.  The post has been very irregular
since the pandemic.  No-one tried to contact me, even though they had my details.
I am not trying to avoid getting my licence endorsed.
I have a sick mother to look after, and being dragged into Court will only cause
a lot more stress and anxiety.
Could you please help.



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