Chaos in America

The Democrat pack are finally going to have another go at impeachment, having tried to get Donald Trump out of office any way they could, over the last four gruelling years.  They are hoping to rush it through before the end of his tenure. The TV debates exposed some of Trumps weaknesses, but he also has many admirable qualities too: he isn’t afraid to stand up to the Establishment.  Twitter have bowed to pressure and removed his account, but how often does that happen for the silliest and pettiest of reasons.  So much for free-speech. Trump has always discouraged violence and law-breaking. Is it only me who can see what a bitch Pelosi is?  Bidet called the demonstrators a mob, who did not represent America.  There are another seventy million voters who are also very angry. Its likely that the Democrats did pull a fast one. It wasn’t long ago that Trump was being criticized for just the same kind of language. How are you supposed to react when you feel you are being robbed?



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