Wolf dung

Pretended to like being filmed at first. These idiots snoop into all your e-mails and personal information at will, and twist it all to suit themselves. There isn’t an MP or Member of the Establishment in the country who will say a word in your defence. Taking the urine out of them is your public duty. Not only are the gang among the biggest liars on the planet they are required by law to say who they are and give their number. They often use terrorism as an excuse for bullying and intimidation.
It may feel that you are on your own sometimes, but there are lots of people who question authority, and walk around with their eyes open. Don’t bother complaining on-line, because they won’t bother answering. The corona-virus means they have not got time to do what they are paid for, because they are too busy tossing away at their computers.
“We only care about your welfare. How are you feeling today?”
The guy’s trying to make a point. We are allowed to film the police.
If you’ve ever watched a pack of wolves operate. The first one comes to check out if you are worth eating. Then there’s another one or two. Before you know it the whole mob are encircling you waiting to have their share of the upstart.



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