When will it ever end…!


Nearly twelve years ago I contacted a former partner I didn’t even want when we slept in the same bed, on the telephone.  There was one land-line call, and one disputed text message (which, quite frankly, could have come from anyone). Nothing I said was either malicious or threatening.

At the close of my sentence the police applied for a Court order with the Magistrates.  I was not on any order and was not the dangerous person they insisted I was.  They brought up an unfortunate incident on a train, which had happened more than thirty years ago.

A few weeks ago, they suddenly turned up at my home demanding to have my mobile phone.  My then girlfriend had inexplicably finished with me.  I still do not know why.  When they returned my phone, after looking through all my personal messages, I noticed that all the saucy pictures she had sent me had been removed.

It was some relief this August to feel I was no longer on the order.  It had been granted in 2010 for ten years.

This morning the police again turned up at my home.  I’d had a poor night.  I suffer from debilitating headaches and fatigue.  I can’t walk very far due to bad arthritis in both my knees. I was extremely shocked to see them and I told them why.  These raids have been going on for the last ten years.

They told me that my order was not in fact finished, and that the starting date for the order was one year after it was granted.

They told me that if I did not interact with them in a positive way they would apply for a warrant and send a dozen officers round straight away to break down the door. They said they would also log it as a ‘refusal,’ and take me back to court again.

I am currently looking after my mum, who is becoming increasingly fragile.  She is always very upset by these visits. I have written to my MP countless times, but it has been an absolute waste of time.  Solicitors are expensive and often collude with the Authorities.

1 We have a Carer who assists me with the care of my mother.  I have been seen in town with her.

2 I regularly cycle along a nearby footpath.

3 I have a new girlfriend, who’s picture you see here.

4 I know for sure that they look at everything I write, because one of the local church people reported it.





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