Eileen B.rton

I met Eileen a few weeks ago.  We went cycling together a few times and got along very well.  She rang me every night and spoke for hours.  Yesterday she came across with a chocolate cake all the way from Ely.  We had a great day in the garden.  She knows I can’t leave my mum for long. Last night we had sex on Kittles Lane, and again outside Marsham church for a while.

She said she loved me and that she always wanted to be near me.

She also said the reason she left her husband for another man at work was that he was boring in bed.

Eileen had to be up early to get to work but still sent me lots of hugs and kisses.

This afternoon I received a strange message;

‘I’ve left the gate open babes.  Come straight up, but give me time to sleep.’

When I asked her what it meant she said it was meant for Alyson.  They were going on a ten-mile bike ride this afternoon.

A little later I received another message;

‘I have some personal issues come up and it is no longer possible for me to continue this relationship.  Please don’t contact me by any means.’

She was stopped on the way home from my place a few weeks ago by the pigs, who wanted to know what she was doing here.

I know they have harassed my friend’s before.  Either she had another man lined up all along, or they have been round to tell their usual rubbish.



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