Just so you know

  • I keep seeing you around town Colin, don’t I.  How long ago is it now, that you turned up to my Writer’s group…
    In case you’ve heard a few mistruths from people down at the church, who in my opinion, are some of the worse gossips in town.
    I’m not sure if you read my article in the EDP a while back, but what had I got to lose.  I was so sick of people telling lies about me and so on.
    I was sat there with Christine one Christmas, and all she talked about the whole time was her horrible son, Brian.  I told her that if she didn’t stop, I was going to go back home.
    She said: “Go on then.  I know you don’t love me really.”  Which was probably right.  I decided then that I was going to try and find someone else, but that’s not so easy is it.
    I’m aware you know her from when we used to get together, and from church.
    I’d done a book-signing day, but found her conversation extremely frustrating.  I don’t think she’s read a book in her life.  I took her up to see her son.  The neighbours had been making false complaints about us again, none of which were true.  Her son accused me of always getting his mum into trouble.  Him and his fat slob of a girlfriend have had the police up on each other more times than I’ve had hot dinners.  He told me that I had to stop seeing his mother. He became very threatening and aggressive, so I got up and walked out, waiting for Christine outside.  She never came out.  The next time I went down Brenda had all my things packed up in a bag.  She said it was over. I never actually spoke to Christine, nor she to me.  I did visit the church, but her and Brenda ran over to report me to Jack, like two stupid little muppets.  He encouraged them both.  What a little creep he is.
    After a few weeks I saw Christine in Tesco’s.  She looked very odd.  I went up and said; “After seven years, in which we were in each other’s company every day, you couldn’t even speak to me, but you could to them..?”
    When I returned the police were waiting for me at my home.  They accused me of harassing her, and said that I had only known her for a few days, and that she had never been more than just a friend. They said that if I ever tried to contact her again, or to speak to her in any way they would put me in prison.
    While I was with Christine down at the Bure Valley Zoo I was aware of a youngish chap parking his car outside her kitchen window.  I didn’t think it would be long until she spotted him.  Whenever there was a man outside she would always rush to the window.  She had a reputation all around town it was said.  She even went with her sister’s husband behind her sister’s back, but told me not to tell anyone.
    Well Colin.  I am well shut of it don’t you think.
    I don’t know if you saw me in the paper after competing in a National chess tournament.  I took it up recently.
    Am doing a good job of looking after my mum even though its very difficult at times.
    Life has never been so good, although I haven’t been very well the last few years.



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