There’s nothing wrong with Brexit

In the distant Referendum the country clearly voted to get out of the tyranny of the European club and take back control of our own borders.   People understood that this would mean a free trade agreement with the rest of the world without France and Germany dictating how we should live.  To be punished for leaving by having to pay billions of pounds back to the club gives a clear indication why we should have left it in the first place.

This would of course mean that MP’s in the British Parliament would have to do some more work for a change and they could not blame the EU if anything went wrong.

A lot of very un-democratic people didn’t like the result of the Referendum, so they have done everything they can to over-turn the result and stop it from happening. Most of these people have friends among the Europeans, and they have no interest in working people who live in other parts of the country other than London.


The awkwardness of the border between Northern and Southern Ireland needn’t be a problem, unless the EU want to make it one.  The EU are treating Southern Ireland as if it will be a part of Europe if Britain leaves, and therefore a separate political entity.  It wasn’t that long ago that Ireland didn’t have a border at all. If we as human beings can’t sort out a small problem like this then what future do we have.  If the Europeans really wanted to help they could do, by letting things stay the same as they are. Ireland, because of its history, is a special case.

What a relief it would be to have a sensible agreement with the EU where most things remain the same and where Great Britain can again start trading with other parts of the World while working with its neighbours.

You would think that most MP’s would relish the prospect of getting their own Parliament back instead of it being a back-water to Brussels.






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