Laying down the law

Today little Faruka was playing football in the street with the kids.  I saw her husband walking along with his walking stick. He has white hair and seventy children by assorted brides.

I said; “Faruka, surely it’s wrong that you were married at such a tender age. You must have been emotionally damaged by such an early encounter?”


“Because the State says so!”

“What you did was totally wrong and against all conventional wisdom.”

Faruka shook her head.  She said her husband made her very happy, and in any case, she loved him.

“But its depraved and evil,” I said. “The bolshy snoop-dog bitches down Oxford way think you have been mercilessly taken advantage of. Sex at such an early age can be extremely traumatic.”

Faruka shook her head again.

“If I fail to do the housework properly, I deserve to be beaten.”

“This is terrible,” I protested. “You must do something about it and report him.  You mustn’t think like this.”

“I like the beatings best of all she said.  They really turn me on!”





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