Peabody said this…

I don’t know if agent Peabody is familiar to any of you, but if he’s not, just to fill you in: he’s been my stool pigeon for the last few years down at HQ, where he says the boys upstairs are very sick bastards indeed. According to Peabody, at least, a lot of them are just feckless oafs who would be lucky to get a job shuffling a deck of playing cards.
You shouldn’t be telling me this! I say. ‘Remember your oath of secrecy.’ He just grins and hands me some more photos of the boss arching her back over his pool table.
Nothing disgraces you more than disloyalty! Overpaid, and over his knee.
I have Peabody’s assurance that the gang are out to get me.
He swears they are following me everywhere, and are watching everything I do with a long range varifocal lens.



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