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When I arrived Heather wasn’t there.  She came back from the ground floor a few minutes later.

I was more tired than I realised, after cycling thirteen miles against the wind and rain.

I sat down with Lucy, who is from Hong Kong, Jinga, from Bangladesh, and June, from the Charity shop on Magdalen Street.

I joined the Scrabble game half-way through.

“You always win!” said Lucy.

The Security guard quickly emerged from the lift…

I noticed June gently kicked me under the table.  She showed me a new watch she had bought with an orange strap.

One of her teeth are missing, but she has nice lips.

She’s attractive, but a little old for me. She has blonde hair now, but I think it may have been ginger…

“Why don’t you drop by and see me some time,” she smiled.  “We can go upstairs for a chat if you like.”




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