Pigs gun down anyone with a criminal record…

Dear Sir Norman,

I wondered what you thought about the deliberate police gunning-down of a member of the public, who was leaning over to open his car door?  Do you think anyone will be prosecuted or will Parliament just turn a blind eye again.  A few years ago someone got sent to prison for having a fire-arm (which didn’t work) because they were depressed and suicidal.  You probably know who I’m talking about.  Is there anyone among the Establishment who even gives a damn.  Paradoxically, perhaps, there are still a lot of very stupid people in society who still suck up to these bullies and think the sun shines out of their rear-ends.  I didn’t like the look of the bloke they killed, but then the picture presented is purposefully chosen for its baseness.  Why should these ignorant clowns get away with flouting the law, just because someone had a criminal record…I hear they are going to have another go at suppressing free-speech?




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