Cops harassed man at library

I was sitting minding my own business at the library this evening when in slithered a really shifty looking geezer.  I saw him go and flash his badge at the library staff.  They both gleamed at him as if they knew him.  He was dressed in very plain clothes. Detectives usually are.

I watched the man follow another man out into the park, where he began playing football with a young kid and his girlfriend.   He began taking photographs of the man playing football.  We can only surmise what he would make of them…  The sly slippery one suddenly disappeared.  I don’t know where the hell he went to.

When the man playing football in the park came back to his car there were a couple of pigs waiting for him outside their panda car.  The man gave his friend a hug and a kiss (probably some kind of illegal act).  The farmyard animals took his number and watched him drive off.   Poor bastards!  Perhaps they were jealous he could read?




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