Had a bit of a flare-up twice today with Chris; about human nature.

The first was on Marriot’s way:

I told her it was human nature to fight and control, to seek power.

Chris told me that she ‘wasn’t like that!’

“But I’m not talking about you!”

(I get sick of having to repeat things over and over again.  She said I was being nasty again and started crying. I told her that telling the truth about people was not ‘being nasty’).

Ian Brady had just died.   It was reported that Myra Hindley had a relationship with a few different people while she was inside, including a guard or two.  I told Chris that this was typical of human nature.  That people would go with someone if they fancied them, and it didn’t matter to them what they had done.

“But I’m not like that!” she said.

“I wasn’t saying you were!  Look at the way you went back to see Brian when you swore you wouldn’t yet again.”

“Why are you getting nasty with me again.  It sounds as if you don’t trust me.”

“Oh, fuck,” I said, “what does it take to get through to you?”

“I don’t like that,” she said.  “Clive never swore at me.”

“I may have swore, but at least I tell the truth, and I’m not like one of those two-faced lying hypocrites down at the church!”






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