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Revised version

PUTTING ON EMILY’S SHOES In the morning, when you rub your eyes, the door opens, and mummy calls… “Hurry, or we’ll be late!” Our jeep lies purring in the driveway. You sit above me on the stairs, Your brown hair, straight down your sides, You look at me, without a whisper, Waiting for something, eating […]

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If there is a God…

What kind of supreme omnipotent force, or God,  would take the remotest interest in a petty tyrannical ape on a small ignorant planet,  in a very ordinary Solar System, around a merely average sized middle-aged star, on the edge of spiral galaxy (one of an infinite number of galaxies) in order to punish, even after […]

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Ten Commandments

Do not trust anyone who says they have heard the word of ‘God’ Do not be cowered by threats from a supposed omnipotent being Take pride in the archetypal principles Give vent to your anger Do anything you like on a Sunday Treat your parents with respect if they do the same to you Kill […]

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State censorship

What do you think about the demonization of Isis? When do we ever hear the rebels speak for themselves other than through selective news reporting? Why can’t we be allowed to make up our own minds without being bullied by the Government?   Once again the security services and Big brother have decided what is best for us.  All  in […]

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