Welcome to one of the most unusual and intriguing sites on the net.

The Literature section comprises a number of different HIVES each containing a selection of short stories, poems, and political satire.

There is also a section involving Prophecy and Prediction, Spells and Invocations.

You can also order your own personalised ASBO.

I have long considered writing to be a form of art.  The Artwork section contains pages from the infamous ‘THUNDERBUCK RAM.’

      BELINDA’S HOT AIR gives participants of the site the opportunity to express their views on a very diverse range of subjects.   By clicking on the heading you can add your own comments, but you need to be signed in to

Facebook.  ‘A place to pour your scorn upon the world.’

FIRST CONTACT is a forum for new untested artforms and experimental writing.

In an age of increasing state control and monitoring your general comments and feedback are positively encouraged.

Our freedom of speech and liberal values have to be permanently fought for or else they are lost.

Live dangerously and to your heart be true.

Proxima Centauri Alpha

EXTRACTS FROM THE SITE ARE NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON UK: BUNDERCHOOK STARWORD POET.  New titles and editions: Widening Underground, Criminal Tendencies, Offensive Behaviour, Alien Intelligence, Odd bent Coppers, Natural Surveillance, Trades of the Toadman, 

Dance of the red-crowned Prince,  Hrothgar’s lost parchments, Thunderbuck Ram I and II.  Dada’s final Gallery.  Philistines, Angels and Queers. Shame of the Farley-hills Stalker.  King Simon’s yellow bull-frog.